The Savannah River is a major portion of the border between South Carolina and Georgia. It begins at the convergence of the Tugaloo River and the Seneca River which happens right in the middle of Lake Hartwell. While Lakes Jocassee and Keowee are not actually on the Savannah River, Jocassee feeds Keowee and it is the primary feeder of the Seneca River. Additionally, there are a lot of us that fish Lake Hartwell that also fish Keowee and Jocassee. The Savannah River Fishermen website is meant to focus on providing information to our fishermen. Since the vast majority of us like to fish more than one lake, information to help those who are bass fishing on lakes Jocassee, Keowee, Hartwell, Russell, Clarks Hill, and the river itself becomes our focus. You can click on any of the 6 maps below and go the the page dedicated to that body of water. Each page contains relevant links as well as information on open tournaments and even charter boat information. If you are a tournament director or charter boat captain¬† you can CLICK HERE to go to the “submissions” page and find information on how to get your information listed. We hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to provide feedback via the Contact page.

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Lake Jocassee

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Lake Keowee

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Lake Hartwell

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Lake Russell

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Lake Clarks Hill

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Savannah River

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